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Ten Reasons to use Zeuter Dialup Internet Services:
  1. All 56k Dialup!
  2. No Busy Signals!
  3. Free Email Address Included!
  4. Free Personal Webspace Included! (1Mb)
  5. Best Prices - "We will match any written quotation!"
  6. Best Reliability - Rarely if ever down, uptimes in excess of 99.9%!
  7. Best Service - Tollfree 24/7 Expert Technical Support Gets You Online Fast!
  8. Best Experience - Serving Dialup Internet since 1995 . . . longer than Sympatico®!
  9. Nationwide! Over 5000 Exchanges Served! National Roaming Cross-Canada Coast-to-Coast!
  10. Smart Surfers prefer Dialup - Why?
     Dialup is more flexible than High Speed Internet which only works at one fixed location
      Dialup is great to have for those transitional times such as when moving to a new location
       Dialup allows you and your laptop to keep in touch when travelling on business or vacation
         Or while waiting for your High Speed Internet connection setup
           Or as a backup when your High Speed Internet connection is down
             Or when your High Speed Internet connection becomes too costly or slow...

What do I need to use Zeuter Dialup Internet Services?

If you have a computer with a modem, you are ready. If you need a modem you can buy one through us - click here. We support and can help you set up your Zeuter Dialup Internet Connection on any version of Windows, Macintosh or MSN TV (WebTV). If you are having computer problems, why talk to a phone company, a cable company or a satellite company? Talk to a computer company. Zeuter has been involved in programming, repairing, maintaining and managing computers and computer systems since 1980 - before the first PC was born! Even our customers tell us our technical support is unmatched and praise us for our patience, understanding and experience. What's more, our staff is 100% Canadian! If you need more convincing, contact us at sales@zeuter.com or sign up below!

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Fill out the spaces below, then click "Sign Me Up!" to sign up for your Zeuter Internet Account. All Dialup Plans require a One Month Refundable Deposit. All Prices are in Canadian Dollars. All Prices are subject to 13% HST. If you want us to meet a competitive offer, select "Other" and fill in the details in the space provided. After processing your credit card information, you will receive a confirmation and detailed connection instructions by email, phone, fax or mail as you select below. If you prefer not to give your credit card information online, call us tollfree at (877) CDN-DIAL (1-877-236-3425) anytime to arrange alternate forms of payment. Any Plan can be changed, suspended or terminated with 30 day written notice, either by letter, fax or email. A roaming charge of $5 per month is payable only if more than one dialup number is used in a given calendar month. Multiple simultaneous connections are not permitted. If you need more information, contact us at sales@zeuter.com

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